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The Biological Reason Why Older Moms Are More Likely To Get Pregnant With Multiples

If you are one of those women who are 35 and older and plan to have a baby (I gave birth at age 37), I have some news that you can put into your crap pile along with getting the scarlet letters “AMA” (read: Advanced Maternal Age) branded onto your medical files. You are biologically more prone to have multiple babies (twins, triplets, or more) than younger women.

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Loving (and Healing) your FUPA (aka Mommy Tummy, Diastasis Recti)

Every person who gives birth will have a diastasis (recti), that’s a given. It’s the size that will differ from woman to woman and it depends on how much of the ab wall was stretched. Many women from countries throughout Asia and Africa bind. This is where I find the biggest difference between the US and other countries.

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