Top Ten Reasons Why Period Underwear Rock

Photo Source:  Thinx

Photo Source: Thinx

I can no longer imagine a period without period underwear. They have changed my life, full stop. Three years ago I tried Thinx for two months and then wrote the following to my friends on social media (FYI: This is not sponsored):

Top Ten Reasons Why Period Underwear Rock:

10) Postpartum, this underwear helps with more than period leaks… read: coughs, sneezes - stuff comes out, I’m just sayin’.

9) There is no longer a reason to purchase pads, ever. Even if you wear a tampon on heavy days, the underwear serves the purpose of a pad or panty liner.

8) You will save money in the long run. It takes awhile to purchase enough period underwear to last a whole period, but once you do, you will save money because you never have to buy pads and you will need fewer tampons (no need for them on light days).

7) My period is shorter. There is something about clogging/plugging up the leak that probably prevents the lining from fully coming out of your uterus. So if you use fewer (or no tampons), your period is shorter. Score!

6) Helpful for medical conditions. A dear friend of mine has cervical cancer and these underwear have made her feel dry and fresh during her various chemo and radiation treatments. She is “so obsessed with them :-)”.

5) Better for the environment. See 7-9 above.

4) They are comfortable. I only order the Hiphuggers now, I prefer them over the Sport. They don’t give me muffin top and my clothes look great with them.

3) Easy to clean. A little rinse, put them in the washing machine, air dry. FYI: I put a pair in the dryer once, by accident, and then I wore them…. They still worked!

2) Love working out in them. Whether I’m wearing a tampon on heavy days or wearing them solo, it’s a better experience. They probably absorb the sweat so it just feels great down there.

1) Postpartum, this underwear helps with more than period leaks. I realize I mentioned this before, but seriously… For example, if you are running home from work, picking up your kid, commuting home and get a sudden urge to pee, you no longer have to worry on your way up the elevator - the Thinx has got your back. Phew. Too much?

Synopsis: *Love and adore* them for the day you are expecting your period and the last few days of your cycle. As of now, I am not 100% converted during the peak… but think I could get there, especially after I increase my collection.

I waited for 2 cycles so I could fairly assess. I *knew* that it would feel different and potentially uncomfortable at first since I am not accustomed to the ‘free flow’ drip. I ordered the Hiphugger, the only style for Heavy Days (holds 2 tampons worth). Just to be safe.


I use a cycle app so I knew what day to expect my flow. On the first day I was really nervous. The Hiphuggers were snug, secure and didn’t feel much different than normal undies. I was in court and was wearing *light-colored* fitted wool slacks. I could feel the surge, took a leap of faith and just kept on negotiating. (Please note, this was NOT easy as I am permanently scarred from 8th grade Earth Science. I was in front of my class presenting on Geckos, wearing white jeans, when a boy pointed to the growing red splotch on my jeans and completely humiliated me). I then just went on with my day while FREE FLOW DRIPPING… It was a strange feeling at first, but then I liked it. It was definitely liberating. Maybe we are supposed to feel the blood leave our bodies… Maybe we are not meant to clog, fill, prevent this organic process that is in tune with the moon. IDK. Note: no funky odors and the undies stay dry. I have no clue how. It was a heavy flow throughout that day and when I returned home, there were NO LEAKS. Nada.


I still use tampons during the heavy days primarily because I have not ordered enough undies. But I think that I will stick to the sticks and order the “Sport” or “Cheeky” as back-up while I get used to the free flow during heavy days. I may gradually progress to full-on Thinx though due to my issues with the feminine hygiene industry.***


Thinx are amazing for light periods and the last few days of your flow. No need for tampons, liners, pads… No funky odor and they stay dry! Note, they are *very* different than pads/panty liners. Thinx are like period erasers on these days.


There are specific instructions for cleaning and I adhere to them so as to not mess with the technology. 1) Rinse them with water, 2) Put them in the washing machine without fabric softener 3) Hang dry.

***I was interested in the undies because: 1) The tampon tax is absurd. This is a necessity not a luxury. Healthcare FSA dollars will not cover “feminine hygiene products” that prevent rampant bleeding. But FSA dollars do cover Band-Aids and gauze which are used for paper cuts. 2) I think that intersectional feminism centers on toilets/facilities, especially in the Global South. My experience in the Global South (i.e. India, Pakistan, Afghanistan) is that women are severely limited in travel and activities outside of the home, especially during their cycle, since public facilities are often dangerous, inaccessible to women, or they don’t exist. Period underwear, if affordable, could literally affect economic opportunity, the ability to travel and quality of life issues.

I hope this was useful. I’m interested to hear others’ reviews!

The following month I found out I was pregnant. So, fast forward to my postpartum periods, where I have now had many more months of underwearing and I still love my Thinx, for periods and beyond…

[All opinions are my own. This is not a sponsored post.]

Have you tried period underwear? I’ve only tried Thinx (because their NYC subway ads were amazing), but I just learned about Dear Kate, PantyProp. Have you tried those brands? Which do you prefer?