Heroine: A Power Lipstick


What’s the first thing that comes to mind? If you are like me, it’s NOT a character in a romance novel. M.A.C. was genius in using this double entendre because their Heroine matte lip color is addictive and has a cult following. Specifically, among people of color.

I was about five years late to the game, but I’ve caught up. This will be the first tube of lipstick that I have ever finished within a year.

In 2017, a neighbor of mine was wearing it in the elevator, I couldn’t stop staring at her beautiful purple-magenta lips and she said,M.A.C. Heroine, it looks amazing on everyone - especially women of color”. I was seven months postpartum and tried it on during a lunch break and immediately purchased it. I was frumpy, my breasts were uncomfortable and leaky and I still only fit in maternity clothes. This lipstick became the new favorite addition to my wardrobe.

Once I put that Heroine on my lips, BAM. It’s the only thing that one could notice. I would get complimented in the street by co-workers and strangers. One woman stopped me and asked, “Is that Heroine?” and we got into a philosophical discussion about a lipstick! I held my head up high knowing that my purple lips eclipsed everything else that was going on (i.e. the frump and dark under-eye circles).

M.A.C. Heroine became my power suit. As a litigator, civil court can be monotonous and dry. But swipe on some Heroine and folks wake up, because it breaks the monotony (well, that is my interpretation).

I recently went out with friends and we all wore Heroine to a dance party at the Brooklyn Museum. It looked amazing, and so different, on each person. #makeupmagic

(All thoughts are my own. This is not a sponsored post.)

Have you tried M.A.C. Heroine? What’s Your Power Lipstick?