A Magical Teething Potion

Photo Source:  Pexels

Photo Source: Pexels

I googled teething, read the blogs, and tried pretty much everything. The baby banana teether, Sophie the Giraffe, a teething necklace, ice gel teether keys, milksicles, mesh food feeders with frozen fruit, teething biscuits . . . None of it worked for Baby G.

I was doing everything to steer clear of benzocaine (i.e., Baby Orajel) and pumping him with Infants' Motrin and the like. Rest assured, I eventually found a natural magic teething potion when Baby G was 7.5 months. Every time I put it on his gums he experiences immediate relief.

It was one of those nights where I started researching the sh*& out of baby teething. I started at 10:00 pm (when I’m the only one awake), found it at midnight and ordered it at approximately 1:00 am. Why so long? Because I read comment after comment after comment. There were parents who swore on their child’s education that this was the best (I’m not kidding).

Punkin Butt Teething Oil. I spelled it correctly. It’s not pumpkin. It’s punkin. It’s a proprietary blend of organic essential oils. Namely clove, chamomile, peppermint. There is no dosing requirement and you can use it as often as needed. We bought this bottle 11 months ago for $11.54 and we are only a quarter of the way through. When we took Baby G to the dentist for the first time, four molars were popping out. The dentist looked at Andrés and I and said something like, “I feel sorry for you two, he’s gonna be a handful”. We responded that it has been fine, he just points to his teething oil and we’re all good. She couldn’t believe how easy teething has been since using THE oil. She wrote down the name and now recommends it to her patients in Downtown Brooklyn.

Eight teeth later and I am still amazed by this oil. I was so skeptical at first, but Baby G still experiences immediate relief whenever I put it on his gums. He is now 18 months and literally walks over to the shelf, points to the bottle and then to his teeth when he needs relief.

Punkin Buttt = Yasssssssssss!

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What are your tried and true teething remedies?