These 9 Instagram Accounts Are Desi AF

Photo Source:   Etsy

Photo Source: Etsy

These 9 visual art Instagram accounts are Desi AF.

I started following them to help push me through the grind. Their authenticity, joy, rawness, light-heartedness, make me smile and rejoice in so many ways. The “Hi Beta You Alright? Ok, Let Me Hand It To Your Mom” made me laugh (and relate) SO hard.

1) @sketchy_desi

Original and fresh comic prints and pictures of (mainly desi) food!

2) @hatecopy

Lichtenstein-esque and the maker of the original TRUST NO AUNTY print.

3) @_humzer

Humza is a desi drag queen with impressive makeup and style!

4) @tanvilonkar

Sketches of desirotic feminist art with some humor.

5) @paper.samosa

A mixed-masala of Indian upbringing and Western pop culture wrapped in a crispy light-hearted shell.

6) @Ab_varaham   

A Tamil Thirunanbi/Transman with some dope web comic illustrations.

7) @emmenjaan

Badmaash and boujee is the motto. Need I say more?

8) @thepakistanimarthastewart

She explores South Asian woes through a comedic lens.

9) @nimishabhanot

Here, you will find badass desi pinups.

Bonus: 10) @pyaartothepeople … of course!!

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Which accounts have I left out? Let me know in the comments