Beyond Rumi: 9 Modern-Day Poets

Photo Source:  Unsplash

Photo Source: Unsplash

Poetry heals and inspires me.

I was in my 20s when I started engaging with poetry.  During my childhood, I had no interest because what I read in school (i.e. Shakespeare, Dickinson, Keats, Whitman, etc…) did nothing for me. But then my world opened up when I sought out Sufi poets during moments when I was in pain or sought answers. Mystic Sufi poetry was what I connected to and Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī became my quick favorite (I view the Masnavi as a holy book). Rūmī’s poetry opened the door for me and I quickly started to devour poems from Khalil Gibran, Audre Lorde, Gloria E. Anzaldúa, Rabia al-Basri, Maya Angelou, Hafiz and more.

Today, I follow these 9 living poets whose words help to describe indescribable feelings that I can relate to or inspire me in a way only poems can. If I could introduce them to even one person who values them, I would be so happy!


Who else should I follow? Please let me know.