11 Uplifting Links For The Weekend

Photo Source:  Pexels

Photo Source: Pexels

When conceiving this blog, and more importantly, who would read it, I immediately thought of my older sister Nazema (“Naz”). She is a wife, mother of two, friend, sister, daughter, urogynecologist (plainspeak: vaginal reconstructive surgeon), professor, researcher. Needless to say, she is often busy and “putting together a grant application” or “with patients” and rarely has time to herself. She is brilliant, fun, loving, sassy and beautiful. She also had “no clue” about the In My Feelings Challenge until August (that’s where I come in). And she is just now reading (and enjoying) Americanah, after months (years?) of urging her to read it. I have collected these weekend reading links with you in mind, Naz! Enjoy.

  1. H&M Introduced a bra collection that is specially designed for breast cancer survivors!

  2. Tell Siri this word in case you are pulled over by the police.

  3. This TV show teaches kids the Inuktitut language and Inuit culture.

  4. Great news for Amazon employees. Even Bernie agrees.

  5. Abortions in Ireland, now legal and free.

  6. A nationwide breast milk delivery service is launching soon!

  7. Beautiful stories of refugees and migrants, through photographs.

  8. A museum exhibit in San Francisco features, The Politics of Fashion in the Muslim World.

  9. Remember when ESPN anchor Jemele Hill was labeled “too political” for ESPN? Too bad for them, she is soaring with so many new projects and she just joined The Atlantic as a staff writer. Exciting!

  10. This new book, Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women's Anger just came out. The author recently discussed the book alongside the current Supreme Court hearings, the women’s march, silencing of women of color in the #metoo movement and the future.

  11. Last but not least, my friend, Laila Alawa was named to the Forbes 30 under 30 for co-founding The Tempest. A digital media and technology company for diverse women. Laila is a formidable powerhouse with contagious energy and laughter. I remember when she was just conceiving the idea of The Tempest. CONGRATS LAILA!!!!!