(POC) You Wear Sunscreen in the Winter, Right?


I’m hoping you all answered, “Yes”. Because we *all* benefit from sunscreen in winter. EVEN people of color.

Winter 2017, with my face full of  sunscreen

Winter 2017, with my face full of sunscreen

Game Changer

Game Changer

I have been wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen (read: UVA & UVB), religiously, since I was 12. Let’s rewind to 26 years ago, when my mom, a pathologist, was researching skin cells on her microscope in our basement. She had me look at the skin cells of a 15-year-old white patient who intensely tanned for weeks (eeeeeeek, don’t do it). Then she had me look at the cells of a black patient with very dark skin, who had melanoma. She mentioned that when dark-skinned people get skin cancer, it’s often on their lips, tongues, feet or hands. Also, when POC get melanoma, it’s more likely to be serious and fatal compared to light-skinned folks. And this is 100% preventable. POC just need to use sunscreen.

Ok, now that we have cleared that up let’s move on.

Popular magazines like GQ, Vogue and Reader’s Digest are finally highlighting the utility of sunscreen in winter since it helps to:

1. Prevent skin cancer,

2. Prevent age spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation,

3. Slow down the aging process.

Unfortunately, due to advertising sponsorships, these magazines sometimes push products with parabens or other harmful ingredients. I personally do my best to only purchase paraben-free products since breast cancer runs in my family. Also, since parabens are illegal in Europe and other parts of the world, I don’t wanna mess with them. Because, well, we all know big pharma is in bed with the FDA, right?

So, throughout my 26 years of sunscreen wearing, I have tried a gazillion different brands. I can confidently state that 85% of the brands out there leave white streaks and were not created with brown and black skin in mind. But I have found two paraben-free brands that leave dark skin residue-free.

1. La Roche-Posay Anthelios Cooling-Water Sunscreen Lotion

This is my absolute favorite. I have been using it for a few years now. It is weightless, goes on like water and leaves no streaks or residue. Andres and I use it all the time. We even use their kid sunscreen for Baby G. Feel free to read the comments here for more.

2. Black Girl Sunscreen

I like this sunscreen because of the name. It is a paradigm shifter. My friend has a bottle and I tried it out. It is definitely streak and residue free, though there is a little stickiness at the end. But I’m still a fan.  

FYI: For those of you trying to use up your healthcare FSA account before 2019, sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher is eligible!  

Do you wear sunscreen in the winter? If so, which one?