8 Relevant and Fun Weekend Links

Photo Source:  Juliette F

Photo Source: Juliette F

I wish you so much fierce love this weekend.

But before I go, I’ll leave you with 5 relevant and fun links.

  1. ACLU attorney, Chase Strangio, a law school colleague, has been dropping gems this week (as always) with his brilliance while disrupting the cultural hegemony and bias that is pervasive in the media about trans folks. Seriously, listen, watch, read, absorb.

    On Democracy Now he said, “I think the best place to get information on trans issues is from trans people. So we can look at publications that have trans writers, whether that’s Broadly at Vice; them, a Condé Nast publication; Teen Vogue. The voices of trans people have long challenged the way this conversation has been framed in places like The New York Times. The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Guardian are regularly running pieces attacking whether or not trans people can and should exist.”

  2. A Trans Plea to the L, G, B, and Q: Help Us

  3. Ethiopia’s has its first (cisgender) female president

  4. Amanda Seales (of HBO “Insecure” fame) has a podcast called Small Doses. A friend told me I had to listen because it’s so funny. I started and I’m hooked. I’m sure I’ll binge a little this weekend . . .

  5. Bloomingdale’s is having a big SALE this weekend . . . A bunch of nice shoes in the sale section are under $100 (read: Adidas sneakers).

  6. This is continually my favorite horoscope section. It is spot on every week.

  7. The most popular halloween candy in every state. Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Nebraska and New York are aligned. Indiana took me for a surprise.

  8. Photos of El Día de Los Muertos. What I would do to be in Mexico this week!