10 Uplifting Links for the Weekend (Including Petite Fashion)

  1. Mayor Bill de Blasio signed a Bill that ads a third gender option on ID in NYC.

  2. EJ Johnson discussed his gender fluidity with Lisa Ling and his parents, Cookie and (NBA Star) Magic Johnson.

  3. Oprah explains the 5 words needed for success.

  4. Native tribes are reclaiming an old medium to tell their stories.

  5. This father-son team provided a little bit of justice to Laquan McDonald.

  6. NPR Code Switch had a beautiful episode this week, “Our Homeland Is Each Other”, featuring my friend Mariama Lockington. It features transracial adoptees who provide the narratives they believe are missing in the mainstream. It’s REALLY GOOD. The 10 minute mark provides hope.

  7. An intersectional feminist love letter!

  8. I finally learned about the OY/YO sculpture in front of the Brooklyn Museum.

  9. ASOS has a new sustainability agenda and may now be the most conscious brand that is *accessible*. So, we need to clap and support! When I learned that they had PETITE MATERNITY clothes and shipping and returns were free, I became a fan. I have only purchased two items full price over the last year (I am a bargain/sale junkie). Both were PETITE Jumpsuits from ASOS. I get a bajillion compliments on each one. If you have hung out with me over the past few months, you have definitely seen me in either this or this (The most comfy and hip item in my wardrobe. It’s all about the open back.). I am also currently eyeing this sweatshirt. It is fun, unique and can be worn to work or on the weekend (many items are available in regular, tall and plus as well).

  10. It’s Brooklyn Jazzfest this weekend. I got tickets for the fam to see Antibalas. The last time I saw them was when they were in Fela! On Broadway, one of my favorite Broadway musicals to date.