A Dream Baby Registry (2018 Ed.)

Photo Source:  Unsplash

Photo Source: Unsplash

When I was expecting, we were SO fortunate to receive pretty much everything we needed from friends and family (via registry or second-hand through friends). Brooklyn has this unspoken culture where neighbors and friends recycle baby goods at the same rate that we recycle our Seamless containers.

Having said that, if I knew then what I know now, my registry would have looked different. For example, I would take off all of the books and *most* of the clothes because we received so many of these. Also, just like weddings, babies are an industry. Products, which you do not need, will be pushed on you. Many of my friends ask me for product recs because I research everything. I read a ton of reviews from different perspectives, weigh the pros and cons with price and quality and then go with my gut.

So readers, here is A Dream Baby Registry (2018 Ed.). It is sorted into Big Ticket Items ($51 and over) and Small Ticket Items ($50 and Below). I found that it was really important to put useful gifts in every price range because your friends/family WANT to give (within their financial ability).

Big Ticket Items ($51 and Above)

  1. Citi Mini GT Stroller - I’m 5’0 and Andres is 5’11. Many of our friends recommended the brand UppaBaby - but the handlebars are too tall for me. We tried *all* the strollers in the store and this was the clear winner. It is so easy to adjust the handlebar and with one pull on the handle it completely folds up. Look no further petite parents (5’2 and under).

  2. Babyletto Hudson Convertible Crib - I LOVE this crib. It is minimalist, modern, made of real wood and turns into a toddler bed! No need for crib skirts or crib bumpers (they are actually dangerous for babies).

  3. Moonlight Slumber Dual Crib Mattress - This mattress has been wonderful so far. It has two sides, one for when the baby is small and one for when they are a toddler. We use a mattress cover for accidents. Whenever we take it off, the mattress is immaculate. No spots or smells whatsoever.

  4. Lotus Travel Crib - We travel a lot and bring this on every trip. Baby G recognizes it, so it doesn’t matter where we are, he always sleeps so well. I love the side opening, which makes it possible to cuddle while your baby is in the crib.

  5. Dock-a-Tot - A friend of mine told me this was a MUST have and I internally scoffed thinking “Really? It costs how much for something that looks like a doggy bed?” I still put it on my registry and a dear friend purchased it. It was EVERYTHING. Baby G co-slept with us for the first 3 months in our bed. I could just roll him over to feed and Andres got to cuddle with him when we slept. From 4-5 months he slept in this in the bassinet next to our bed (no sheets!). I just re-gifted ours to dear friends.

  6. Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair - If you are interested in a modern high chair that will grow with the baby, get this. We didn’t think our friends and fam could dish out the cash for so many high priced items, so we refrained from putting this on our registry. I keep forgetting this is a dream registry. For a more economical option, check out the Ikea Antilop High Chair (see below).

  7. Halo Swivel Sleeper Bassinet - I’m torn on this one since we only used our (way too large) Graco bassinet for 4 weeks max. But if you do not plan to co-sleep using a Dock-a-Tot, I would definitely have put this on my registry since it would get a lot of use.

  8. Car Seat(s) - We received two gently used car seats from friends and they are each excellent choices. They both happen to be rated in the top 3 for infant car seats on every list I read. The Chicco KeyFit 30 is known as the best on the market and we see why. It’s cushioned and the straps are a breeze to get in and out of. We also received the Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat which is another great seat. If we had to choose one we would go with the Chicco, as it can fit into the Citi Mini GT stroller with an adaptor (but so can the Britax)

  9. Infant Optics Baby Monitor - This gives us peace of mind. I did a ton of research and it lives up to the hype.

  10. Ubbi Diaper Pail - Many of our friends recommended this to us and our pediatrician’s office uses it. It is sleek and holds in the odors. Score.

  11. Spectra S2 Breast Pump - My insurance covered this, check to see if yours will too. My family had used Medela pumps, so I thought I would too… Until I compared the two. My sister gave me her Medela pump and I received the Spectra. The Spectra wins hands down. I got soooo much more milk out, it is easier to clean, and the tubes don’t become moldy like the Medela. Highly recommend.

  12. Peanut Changing Pad - Easy to clean, no covers needed, and you can strap your baby down.

  13. Reese Changing Table - This is a dream registry. So yes, if someone were willing to shell out the money for this minimalist, clean lines, changing table, I would have gladly taken it. Specifically because the top comes off and it turns into a dresser. Instead, we put this changing table on our registry. Andres finagled the top shelf by adding some wood and we added baskets from World Market. It works fine, but we will give it away once we stop using it as a changing table.

  14. BabyBjorn Bouncer - I *wish* we had the foresight to put this on our registry. Instead we had put the Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play which was (strangely) despised by Baby G. Our friends had this at their apartment, Baby G loved it, so we got it.

  15. Fjallraven Kanken Diaper Bag -  Big shoulder tote diaper bags are passé. Or, at least they are in Brooklyn. Plus, no one needs a $300 diaper bag. We wanted a functional bag that didn’t scream “BABY” that we could use in the future. The best feature of this bag is the zip around function - you can access everything, easily. Still use it. Still love it.

  16. Inglesina Travel High Chair - Our friends brought this over to affix to our table when their daughter was little. I thought it was amazing then and I still think it’s amazing (as long as you don’t have a glass table).

  17. Sakura Bloom Carrier - This was my biggest splurge and I don’t regret it a bit. Every petite mom blog mentions this as a carrier option, but I refrained from putting it on my registry because it is so expensive. But after Baby G was born, I ordered one with the most beautiful emerald silk material. I then learned that these resell for MORE than you purchase them for since they retire colors. There is a whole other language for reselling them. We loved having different types of carriers and the Sakura allowed us to be really close and cuddly with Baby G. Plus, he will fit into it until he’s 35 pounds.

  18. Baby Bjorn Miracle Carrier - I’m short, 5’0. Folks who are 5’2 - 5’4 clump themselves in the Petite category, but that skews reviews for carriers. I know everyone drools about the Ergobaby, but it doesn’t fit short people like me. I found this carrier after experiencing lower back pain from other carriers. It has amazing lumbar support and fits my 5’0 frame perfectly. This is useful for long walks, the subway, and physical activity.

  19. Babyzen Yoyo - This is expensive, yes. We didn’t have it, but again this is a dream registry. My friends who have it love it. Instead we use this, because we see it all over the place and the sticker price didn’t shock us. But the cup part fell off, we had to replace a wheel, a handle is broken and the canopy just caved in, so . . .

  20. Changing Table Mobile - We chose colors to match our travel nursery and put this on our registry. A good friend suggested that we have two mobiles. One for the crib and one for the changing table. #amazingadvice.

  21. Airplane Crib Mobile - Baby G has a gender neutral travel nursery. This is over his crib and we all love it.

  22. PBK Nursery Rug - Again, this is a dream registry. We put a moroccan patterned rug from Rugs USA on our registry. It’s gorgeous, but it piles A LOT. These pricier rugs from Pottery Barn Kids or Crate & Kids would be amazing.

  23. Rocking Glider & Ottoman - I love when the glider and ottoman move. We bought a gently used Little Castle rocking glider and ottoman set from aptdeco (I’m still so proud of the quality to price ratio of that purchase). I couldn’t find our favorite seat online, but the pictures in the links look identical.

Testing the  NoseFrida  at our baby shower

Testing the NoseFrida at our baby shower

Small Ticket Items ($50 and Below)

  1. Miracle Blanket - It’s called a miracle for a reason. I suggest putting two of these on a registry. We used ours almost every night for the first 3-4 months.

  2. Aden & Anais Swaddle Blankets - They are the best. So soft, many fun designs, and people love gifting these. We swaddled Baby G in these during naps and still use them as light blankets. Any amount over three is unnecessary IMO.

  3. Kimono Onesies - My older sister gave me a great piece of advice. When babies are really tiny, it’s hard to put shirts over their fragile heads. Kimono style onesies are ideal - but hard to find. No pun intended, but we LOVED the l’oved baby brand. Gender-neutral designs, beautiful colors, and seriously high quality cotton. We put various short and long sleeve kimono onesies on our registry since they are pricey. We also received this footed overall. I wish we would have put even more of these onesies on our registry, because we ignored all other onesies and just kept washing these over and over so Baby G could wear them.

  4. Goumikids Sleep Gowns - This was the best sleep suit ever. It is so soft and made so well. I would have put 4-5 of them on my registry in various sizes.

  5. Ikea Antilop High Chair - This is $20 at IKEA. Ignore the link and just go or ask a friend to pick it up for you. It’s minimalist, modern and easy to clean. Seriously, babies don’t need fancy high chairs (and you don’t want to be cleaning dirty fabric).

  6. Silicone Bibs - Silicone bibs are where it’s at. You only need a few (2-3) because they are so easy to wash and dry. I put them in the dishwasher when lazy.

  7. Dr. Brown’s Bottles - These are the gold standard. We were told each baby is different, so it is important to try many brands. We did (Medela, Tommy Tipee, Comotomo, Avent) and nothing compared to Dr. Brown’s. They were the only bottles that Baby G liked. Remember to order nipples of various sizes.

  8. Dr. Brown’s Bottle Warmer - It works with the bottles and worked well.

  9. Dr. Brown’s Bottle Brush - It works well.

  10. Magic Stick Diaper Balm - This natural butt balm is the bomb. You don’t have to touch it, you just slide it on your kid and it goes on effortlessly. We got rid of every other butt paste or balm because they could not hold a candle to the Magic Stick.

  11. Planet Wise Diaper Wet Bag - This is for your diaper bag and there are tons of unique designs. It holds dirty diapers and clothes and there is no smell. Ours has never leaked. After each use, I throw it in the washing machine with the dirty clothes.

  12. JJ Cole Diaper Changing Clutch - This fits perfectly in the Kanken sleeve. The wristlet is so helpful when using a public changing table.

  13. JJ Cole Outdoor Blanket - Yes, you want this. We had a picnic with our friends and their baby two years before Baby G was born and thought this was genius so we bought it! We frequently used it while biking to park picnics. Since having Baby G, we use it all the time - at the park, beach, front of our building . . . It’s machine washable, compact, has a strap and pockets.

  14. Lansinoh Hand Pump - This gets so much milk out and actually suctions your breast. I didn’t think I needed this, until I started pumping at work. It’s just easy to keep this in your purse and whip it out when your breasts are heavy. I tried the Medela hand pump and returned it because it did nothing for me.

  15. Simple Wishes Breast Pump Bra - I can’t imagine NOT having this. I had two (one for home, one for my office at work).

  16. My Brest Friend and Boppy Nursing Pillows - Yes, both. If you plan to nurse, your baby will move and contort and having the choice between the two matters. I breastfed for one year. The Brest Friend was ideal when Baby G was tiny, but as he grew the Boppy was all I used.

  17. NoseFrida - One of the best baby inventions ever. We use this religiously - it slowly goes from “gross” (before you try it) to “OMG, this is amazing” (when you use it).

  18. Piyo Piyo Nail Scissors - I swear by them, I love them, I’ll never look back.

  19. Boon Lawn Drying Rack - Get the lawn, the grass is too small. Trust me. We also received the twig, which proved useful for drying nipples. Baby G no longer uses bottles and we still love this thing. It’s great for drying fragile glasses.

  20. Ethan & Emma Stroller Organizer - I tried so many others and returned them all (Thanks Amazon Prime). Save yourself time and just get this one.

  21. Crib Quilt - I purchased this exact quilt, on sale, for $50. I wanted something that could be used in the future. I liked the idea of a colorful neighborhood map and polka dots.

  22. Crib Sheets - This is going to be personal, because you will want to match the theme of your room. We have always had 3 sets of crib sheets, which is more than enough. We LOVE the quality and design of each set. I think our friends had fun gifting them too. The quality matters, so choose wisely. I like Petite Pehr and Aden + Anais.

  23. Lotus Travel Crib Sheet - If you get the Lotus Travel Crib, the sheet is a must due to the tabs.

  24. The First Years Newborn to Toddler Tub - It’s a classic, it works, and it is safe. End of story.

  25. White Noise Speaker  - White noise is *essential* for baby sleep. We use the Spotify playlist “White Noise for Baby Sleep - Sleep Sounds” and control it through our computer or phones which connects to the built-in speaker in Baby G’s room. If we didn’t have this, I would have chosen a bluetooth speaker, since you can use it in the future. In this day and age, I would NOT purchase a machine just for white noise.

  26. Boob Ease Nipple Cream - My friend gifted this to me because it was her favorite and it became my favorite too. It’s so light and easy to slide on your cracked and aching nipples. If it sells out, this is my second favorite nipple cream. They have the same ingredients and are essentially the same, but I still like Boob Ease better. Note: I can’t stand the texture and feel of Lansinoh nipple cream.

  27. Prenatal and Postpartum Massages - Put them on your registry. I am SO glad I did.

  28. Angel Dear Blankie - When I received this I didn’t know what the heck it was for. It’s small, soft and cute. But a little research helped me understand the function and utility of a “lovey” blankie. Small babies sleep without covers to prevent suffocation, these blankies on the other hand are tiny. Baby G’s elephant lovey is where I squirted breast milk and wiped my armpits so he could smell me. Seriously. It was a genius trick when he was learning to self soothe.

  29. Love Blanket - We adore this blanket and I know my aunt loved getting it for us. It’s soft and we will use it for years to come.

  30. Trumpette Socks - These are magic socks. They do NOT fall off of babies. I learned this in 2004 when my nephew was born and I now buy them as baby shower gifts all. the. time. They are pricey for a reason and they are worth it.

What are your experiences with these products? Would you add or delete anything?