Hi! My name is Fazeela, welcome to my praxis playground. In Urdu and Hindi, pyaar, means love. This site is an act of pyaar with a strengths-based, solutionary, justice lens.

I mainly grew up in a suburb of Buffalo, NY and quickly learned that the world has multiple perspectives, even though only a few are visible. My household consisted of my Indian-Muslim-Gujarati immigrant parents, maternal grandparents, two sisters and I. My parents individually emigrated to the US in the ‘70’s (thanks to affirmative action for religious minorities in India!), met in the US, quickly married since their union was copacetic (both Muslims from Gujarat), then had us. Normal, to me, was walking in from school with my 6 foot grandfather reading the newspaper while rocking on his rear with his legs pretzeled above his head, eating meals on the floor with my hands on a thali, driving to Toronto in the ‘80’s and ‘90’s just to eat Alphonso mangoes (and possibly smuggling some back over the border) and adroitly straddling cultures. Questioning everything also became a norm.

I obtained undergrad and grad degrees (and an exorbitant amount of student loan debt) in Organizational Behavior, Spanish, Social Work, Law, traveled a ton, made a ton of mistakes and grew a ton (just not vertically). I now call Brooklyn my home where I live with my partner, Andrés (a proud Cuban-American native New Yorker), and Baby G (our cute kid). Cliche, I know.

My background is in race and poverty law, gender and reproductive justice and social welfare policy. I was compelled to write this blog because of my own experience with tokophobia.

Audre Lorde once said, “Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare”. I agree. I am only one of many who work to dismantle brutal systemic inequities on a daily basis. I know I need a space to unwind every so often, and only think of lipstick colors and I thought others would too.

I love to dance, perform “musicals” out of mundane everyday tasks, read, have long meals with friends and family with no time limit, and aimlessly meander around cities.

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Feel free to contact me at pyaartothepeople@gmail.com

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